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novel continues to sponsor the emed® scan project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which started in January 2011. The project is screening thousands of people with Diabetes in order to study the patterns of pressure distribution with time and other parameters.

The Tanzania project recently welcomed its 1500th patient.

Dr Abbas’ 1500th patient, who is lucky to have this number: Mr Nelson Joseph Ruganuza, accountant, 35 years old, suffering from Diabetes for 2 months

Project leader Dr Abbas reports from Tanzania:

emed® scan tests officially started on the 2nd of January 2011. All new cases that came to our center were able to walk and to undergo emed® scan testing. I worked full-time on the project together with our assistant podiatrist Kulsum Ramadhani carrying out all tasks concerning emed® scan. emed® tests and the advice and treatment were given completely free of charge to all the patients.
Over the past two years - until 24 October 2013 - we have managed to collect 1 500 cases that successfully underwent emed® scans testing. Each patient was subject to extensive data collection, and the data were inserted into the program’s data base. These data include basic demographic information, data related to foot and foot wear, and to emed® scan as well as emed® scan measurements. Apart from these data, we have collected some additional relevant information.  
All patients are extremely happy for having had the opportunity to undergo emed® scan testing and respective treatment as we have prevented lots of ulcers that would have caused severe problems for the patients. All of the patients have been given advice on foot wear.
We conclude that emed® scan tests have been very beneficial and successful in preventing amputations among our poor and destitute patients with Diabetes.

Dr. Zulfiqarali G. Abbas,
Consultant Physician, Endocrinologist, Diabetologist
Chairman of Pan-African Diabetic Foot Study Group
Chairman International Working Group of Diabetic Foot Africa Region

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