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art science

main-button systems


novel offers three product lines, emed, pedar and pliance systems. emed systems are pedography platform systems for functional foot diagnosis. pedar systems are in-shoe pressure measurement systems for the analysis of the foot-insert-shoe function. pliance systems are a product family for the analysis of pressure distribution on all kinds of contact surfaces.

main-button emedmain-button pedarmain-button pliancemain-button manugraphy

emed Systems


pedar Systems

pedar-xf analyser   
pedar sync   
pedar posturo
pedar insoles
pedar pad

pliance Systems

pliance-xf-16 analyser
pliance-xf-32 analyser
pliance-fti analyser
pliance-ftd analyser
pliance sync
pliance sensors

manugraphy Systems

manugraphy analyser
manugraphy sensors

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