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114. XIII Russian National Congress and International Exhibition “People & Health” were held in
 Saint-Petersburg, Russia from 25th – 28th, November, 2008.

Exhibitors were mainly from Russia, Germany, Finland, and Switzerland.

novel was in a group of companies presented by Leipziger Messe International GmbH.

Screening with emed system was very popular as always. Special interest was attracted to pedar in-shoe measurement system and pliance-RLS prosthesis system for socket evaluation and fit as well as to pliance system with hand sensors.

More than 50 our visitors were traumatologists, orthopaedists, prosthesists, surgeons, specialists of medical social services et al. from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, central Russia, Syberia, and Far East cities. Several visitors were from Republics Belorussia and Kazachstan.

113. pliance: pliance: Measurement of pressure distribution on amputation stumps to optimize the fit of above-knee prostheses 30.10.2008

For centuries prostheses have been used to treat amputation stumps. Until today the adjustment of such prostheses can only be based on the technical knowledge of the treating doctor and the subjective senses of the patient. MRI and other scanning technologies are slowly integrated in the difficult process of building modern prostheses, still leaving the fine adjustments afterwards to the orthopaedist. Even nowadays the adjustments of prostheses are time consuming and often require a lot of sessions until completion.

A project, which started in September 2008, is run to find an objective method, using pressure distribution, to optimize the process of adjusting prostheses. In cooperation with the Munich orthopaedic company Gottinger Orthopädietechnik GmbH modern CATCAM- and MAS-prostheses are measured with the pliance system by novel.

At the moment the system used for the measurements contains four strip sensors with 1x10 sensors and four sensor mats with 3x15 sensors. Besides above-knee prostheses, the system can also be used to measure a great variety of other prostheses and bracers. Thanks to the flexibility of the sensors, they perfectly conform to curved surfaces.

Since the first measurements, the pliance system by novel showed its ability to measure critical areas in the prosthesis shaft fast and efficiently, during static and dynamic loading conditions. After only a few measurements, areas in need of adjustment can be easily found. Even hurtful pressure peeks, which the patient often can’t locate exactly, can be found. By using this measuring system, the orthopaedist can quickly find out where an adjustment is needed and can also prove the effectiveness of that adjustment.

Prosthesis (3MB)

112. novel is testing car interior

Based on a new sensor design it is possible to measure the interaction in-between the passenger and parts of the car interior.

Better insight into the dynamic interaction of the driver with the safety belt system in a standardized lab environment as well as in a real driving situation is gained by this technology.

Please have a look at the videos.

1. Upper seat belt 3D-1(4MB)

2. Upper seat belt 3D -2(2MB)

3. Safety belt(2MB)

111. novel is presently testing new sensor technology for measurements under skis

The sensors will be available on December 12th 2008.
They connect to the pedar -x or pliance-x 32 system and will need pliance software.

Please see some first videos.

1.x-country-ski_1_2d.wmv (4.3MB)

2.x-country-ski_1_3d.wmv (4.3MB)

110. new pedar posturography system is released!

The innovative pedar® posturography recording and analysis system
(read it as a flyer in PDF here)

posturography quantifies postural control in stance in either static or dynamic conditions. Computerized dynamic posturography (CDP), also called test of balance (TOB), is a non-invasive, specialized, new clinical assessment technique used to quantify the central nervous system´s adaptive mechanisms (sensory, motor and central) involved in the control of posture and balance, both in normal (such as in physical education and sports training) and abnormal conditions (particularly in the diagnosis of balance disorders asdand in physical therapy and aspostural education). Due to the a complex interactions among sensory, motor, and also central processes involved in posture and balance, CDP requires different protocols in order to differentiate among the many defects and impairments which may affect the aspatient's posture control system.


pedar® posturo software
Regular posturography systems measure the time course of the Centre of Force (CoF). The shift of the CoF in the x and y direction over time is only calculated from the total force measured under both feet and does not describe the exact participation of each foot. By measuring the pressure distribution underneath the feet the pedar posturo system allows not only to measure the force balance between the left and the right foot but also to determine which part of the foot is contributing to the balance.

This is possible because the forces are calculated from many sensors arranged in a sensor matrix. Local forces such as those under the forefoot or toes and the heels can be measured and it can be analyzed how much they contribute to the dynamic balance of the body.The pedar posturo software calculates many parameters such as CoF/CoP, forces in masks, time processes, direction of motion, numerical excentri-city, area of CoF/CoP motion and more.

It is also possible to track the CoP of each individual foot in bipedal stance mode to analyze the motor function individually and compare it with unipedal stance.pedar® posturo hardware.

The pedar®-x posturo system is an accurate and reliable pressure distribution measuring system for monitoring local loads and total forces. The pedar®-x offers the ultimate versatility with its multiple standard features and operating modes.

The pedar®-x can be tethered to a PC via a fiber optic/USB cable. It can also function in a mobile capacity with its built-in BluetoothTM technology or, as yet another alternative, the pedar®-x system’s built-in flash memory storage allowing data to be collected anywhere and later downloaded to the computer.

The pedar®-x can be used not only for posturo-graphy but also for mobile pedography.
The pedar®-x system allows multiple synchronisation options to use with EMG and video systems. The pedar®-x can be started and synchronised by a small wireless remote control.

trublu® calibration device
With the aid of the new trublu® calibration device, all sensors of the pedar® posturo system are individually calibrated using a known air pressure.
This procedure is computer-assisted and can be performed in a short time.
Calibration guarantees accurate and reproducible data. The calibration curves, one for each sensor, can be checked by the user at any time.
This method guarantees the accuracy of the absolute values measured, not only for the distri-bution of dynamic body weight, but also for the local load on each area of the feet.
All sensor mats come calibrated and calibration can be tested at any time.

pedar® posturo sensor mats
- number of sensors 10x22 each
- sensor dimensions (mm) 20x20 each
- weight (gr) 500 each
- pressure range (kPa) 10 - 400
- frame rate (Hz) 40

pedar® posturo system:
Applications of pedar® posturo system
- neurology
- orthopaedics
- osteopathy
- aid in orthotic design
- rehabilitation assessment
- sport biomechanics
- biofeedback

109. New supporting bracers for transplanted arms on July 25. 2008

From the 25th to 26th of July 2008 the world’s first bilateral transplantation of entire arms took place in the Munich hospital “Klinikum rechts der Isar”, at the Clinic for plastical and hand surgery (director: Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Günther Machens). Supervisor of the transplantation team was Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Christoph Höhnke.

Until now the patient has no feeling in his arms and is bound to bed permanently.

Read more about it in the following links.
1. Medical News Today
2. Press release from the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich

To offer the patient more freedom it was planned to construct a corset with special bracers.

To avoid harmful pressure, the bracers designed by the Munich orthopaedic company Gottinger Orthopädietechnik GmbH were measured with a pliance sensor system by novel.
By quantifying the exact dynamic pressure, it was possible to minimize the contact pressure between arms and bracers and to increase the wearing comfort.

Thanks to the measurements a new and better construction was build, consisting of the bracers and a yoke for the shoulders, which allows the patient to move around freely.

Click here to see the video.(600KB)


108. Good memories : Foot health in Germany was discussed in one of the most popular TV shows
 in Germany 2006

Guenther Jauch, a very smart and popular show master discussed foot deformities and malfunction with one of the leading experts in foot surgery Dr. Christian Kinast from tthe OZA center in Munich and the CEO of novel, Peter Seitz.

127 people from the audience were measured in the morning before the life-show started and the results were discussed during the show. Also Guenther Jauch's feet were tested during the show. He commented on his own feet with many jokes and some serious questions.

Surprisingly 76 Hallux cases were detected in audience and Dr. Kinast gave some recommondations how to treat deformed feet. Please have a look at the following videos.

To be able to view them, you should download FLV player here( .


1. Stern TV 01 (21MB)
2. Stern TV 02 (15MB)
3. Stern TV 03 (10MB)

107. Italian novel user (University of Pavia) developes track for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games by using
pedar system (Nov 11, 2008)

Please watch the video by Leonardo Rai titled ´La pista di Pechino 2008´(in Italian) on youtube to receive more information regarding the project development and the manufacturing process.

106. novel participated in German congress of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery in Berlin, Germany on 22~25  October 2008 (Nov 03, 2008)

The German congress of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery (Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie-information on the homepage in German) has turned into a significant consolidating Event in the related field.
The keywords of this meeting are science, advanced training and occupation politics.





105. People & Health 2008 St. Petersburg, Russia from 26 – 28 November 2008 (Oct 17, 2008)

The official website for the German Pavilion of People & Health 2008 is now online. The 13th congress exhibition "People & Health" will take place on 26 – 28 November 2008 at Information-Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Since its creation the fair has established itself as the most important platform for dialogue on orthopaedics and orthopaedic technologies, orthopaedic footwear, prostheses, end prostheses and orthotics as well as rehabilitation in Russia. An expert audience to attend the fair promises the exhibitors to have profitable bargains and has leaded the fair to an escalating growth during the previous years.

Please visit the above link to find out more about the German exhibitors including us, novel GmbH.

104. 64th Hellenic Orthopaedic Conference in Athens Hilton in October 8 ~ 11. 2008 (Oct 17, 2008)

Novel was represented for the first time at the 64th Hellenic Orthopaedic Conference in Athens Hilton in October 2008.

This is a conference that became a tradition for the Greek Orthopaedic Surgeons and it is every year taking place in Autumn.

Novel was welcomed there and people are gradually starting to acknowledge the importance of using novel's accurate pedography systems in their daily clinical work.

Until now, they recognized pressure distribution measurement only as a tool for a colorful show.


103. 13th International Healthcare Exhibition “Hospital 2008” and 2nd International Symposium and Exhibition  “Diabetic Foot: Surgery, Therapy, Rehabilitation” in St. Petersburg, Russia (Oct 11, 2008)

“Hospital 2008”

13th International Healthcare Exhibition “Hospital 2008” was held at Lenexpo Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia 30th September – 2nd October, 2008.

More than 100 companies from Russia, 6 - from Germany as well as companies from Ukraine, Latvia, Italy, Finland, and China participated in this Exhibition.

emed and pedar systems are well known in St. Petersburg now because these systems are used since 1997 for examination of patients with DM and MS, children for screening of feet disorders with deformities, in concert with orthopaedic shoes and orthopaedic insoles selection.

Visitors of our booth were mostly the orthopaedists and prosthetists, managers from St. Petersburg hospitals, outpatient departments, and from different medical centers. Several visitors came from different areas of Russia. More than 50 visitors were examined with emed-at 25 system and received consultation of experienced orthopedist.

Several visitors were interested in using novel systems with milling machines.

International Symposium and Exhibition “Diabetic Foot: Surgery, Therapy, Rehabilitation”

2nd International Symposium and Exhibition “Diabetic Foot: Surgery, Therapy, Rehabilitation” was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on October 3rd – 5th, 2008.
Symposium and Exhibition “Diabetic Foot” became one of the main events in medical life of Russia.

During first 2 days more than 120 participants visited novel booth. Surgeons, podiatricians, endocrinologists, orthopaedists, and managers from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and from more than 40 areas of Russia, as well as from Armenia, Ukraine, Republic Belarus, Latvia, USA, Nepal and other countries were our visitors.

Geography of areas is vast: Archangelsk, Astrahan, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovec, Ekaterinburg, Electrostal, Elista, Ijevsk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Kamchatka, Kemerovo, Kirov, Kurgan, Maykop Nevinnomisk, Nizshny Novgorod, Obninsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Penza, Petrozavodsk, Ribinsk, Ryazan, Sahalinsk, Samara, Saratov, Sarov, Siktivkar, Smolensk, Stavropol, Tomsk, Tula, Tumen, Tver, Velikiy Novgorod, Ufa, Vladimir, Voronezsh, Vologda, Vladikavkaz, Ulianovsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

About 30 visitors were examined with emed-at 25 system to know what information about patient feet can give pedograhic examination.

Interest to use novel systems with milling machines was met.



102. novel participated in 17th Annual Meeting of European Society for Movement Analysis of Adults
 and Children in Turkey (ESMAC, 8.~ 13.09.2008)
(Sept 18, 2008)

The purpose of ESMAC (the European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children) is to stimulate and advance scientific knowledge, professional interaction and the exchange of ideas among Society members relating to movement analysis in adults and children in clinical and research settings. The Society holds an annual scientific meeting which is normally preceded by an instructional course for gait analysis.


101. ESM 2008 photos are online (Sept 05, 2008)

The photos from this year´s ESM meeting are now online.
Please click on the following links to see the photo gallery.

1. Mixed photos of ESM 2008

2. Outdoor day

100. pedar-x user lights up the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of Beijiing Olympics (Sept 01, 2008)

It was very impressive indeed to see the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics while the Chinese athlete, Mr. Li Ning (45), the Chairman of Li-Ning Sports, lit up the Olympic flame.

As many other novel customers in China, Li-Ning Sports uses the pedar -x system and is the No. 1 company for sportswear in China, similarly to Adidas in Germany or Nike in the USA.

Mr. Li Ning is one of the most outstanding athletes of the 20th century who won three gold, two silver and one bronze medals in men's artistic gymnastics at the 23rd Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984. After retiring in 1989 from his sport, Mr. Li Ning initiated the idea of LI-NING brand with the goal of creating the first international sportswear brand in China.

Please click here( for further information about Li-Ning Sports.


99. ESM 2008 has successfully its finale in Dundee, Scotland, 28. ~ 31.07.2008 (Sept 01, 2008)

Youngest Investigator Award
novel Award
best presentation Award
best poster Award

98. novel announces the release of the new pedar posturo system (July 03, 2008)
novel is announcing the release of the new pedar posturo system.

The advantage of this system are two separated posturo sensor mats - one mat per foot.

The user can freely position these mats , e.g. for patients with different step width, for different situations like putting or tee off during the golf swing or on different steps on stairs.

By using these sensor mats it is possible to calculate the well established parameters of posturography like x - , y - coordinates & length of COP line and velocity of COP.

In addition, for the first time it will be possible to assess the contribution of individual parts of the foot to the overall balance which will give new insights into balance measurements.

Each sensor mat is having a sensor area of 20 x 44 cm². Each sensor is having a size of 2 x 2 cm². That means each sensor mat contains 220 sensors. To scan these sensor mats a pedar x-32 analyzer and the posturo - 32 software are required.

The pedar posturo system is offered as an add on for the pedar system.

97. Since July 2008 novel is sponsoring the Munich Rangers Football Team (July 03, 2008)

See the test video with pedar here:(WMV file, 2 MB)

Due to heavy thunderstorms on Wednesday the first tests had to be done indoors

Balance and ground reaction forces were measured with the pedar system

Sensors were also placed on the shoulders to measure the body contact forces
First tests show that body contact pressures go higher than 6 bars.

More testing will be done very soon. The coaches showed big interest in the results.
We hope for fine weather.....

96. The winners of novel 30th jubilee prize (June 15, 2008)

As novel usually puts responsible jobs in womens' hands, Luzie (3 months old and our youngest scientist) was given the task to pick up the winners. It is amazing how Luzie was concentrating while picking out the lots...

Luzie decided:

Julie Stebbins from Oxford Gait Laboratory is the winner of the novel medical professional Software!

Dr Julie Stebbins

Dr. Anja Hirschmüller from University Clinic Freiburg, won the complete pedar system!

Dr. Anja Hirschmueller

Congraturations to the winners and we are indeed very pleased to see that women stick together!

95. novel announced today the winners of pedar system and scientific software for novel 30th birthday
(June 09, 2008)

The winner for the complete pedar system you will find under Multimedia/videos as video no. 30.

The winner for the complete scientific software package you will find under Multimedia/videos as video no. 60.

"Make sure everything is right! "

"Difficult choice!"

"Good smell"

"It's the software winner! Who is number 18?"

" At least, number 133 wins the pedar system!"

94. pedar measurements with the Dutch Paralympic sportswoman of the year (June 04, 2008)

Running tests with artificial limb, performed by the motion anylsis lab of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Centre of Expertise Health & Mobility, Eindhoven, NL.

Annette Roozen is equipped with the pedar-x system, which measures pressure distribution, peak forces, loading times for her left foot and under the artificial limb. The analysis of data allows optimization of material and design and helps to analyse the efficiency of the prothesis for the athlete.

Annette Roozen is the current world record holder of the 100 meter sprint in paralympic sports.

Pictures used with permission of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, April 2008.

93. Read an article about pliance horse system on EQUESTRIAN Business Monthly (May 09, 2008)

There appeared an two-page Editor´s Comment about the pliance horse system on the May 2008 issue of EQUESTRIAN Business Monthly. A part of the Editor´s Comment is quoted as follows.
"...The joint purchace of a "Pliance´pressure testing system by the Society of Master Saddlers and the British Equestrian Federation represents an exciting opportunity for the UK to be at the forefront of saddlery technology - the system is described as 'the beginning of a new era in the dynamic assessement of the interaction between the horse, the saddle and rider'...

To continue with the article please visit EQUESTRIAN Business Monthly online.

92. A new series of saddle tests with the new pliance horse system (May 02, 2008)

New tests have proved again that many of the commercial saddles available are inadequate for the horse.

Discomfort caused by an ill fitting saddle can cause motion abnormality, jumpiness in the animal and also a reluctance to follow the rider's commands. The pliance horse system allows you to identify the location of areas of higher pressure caused when horse and rider are in motion. The measurement results can be used to modify the saddle or to replace the saddle model if required.



Please have a look at the new saddle testing videos.

2. "Caprice_3.wmv"
3. "Leo_7.wmv"

91. Press Conference with Luca Toni and Professor Mauro Testa (April 25, 2008)

Prof. Mauro Testa and Luca Toni from FC Bayern Munich presented during a press conference of the company Lotto the latest football shoe for Luca.

The shoe, consisting of rotatable studs, was developped by Lotto in cooperation with prof. Testa from the University of Pavia. For the shoe testing the novel pedar-x system was applied.

To see some interesting videos related to the footwear research, please click the following links.

1. A soccer protocoll test shown on youtube by University of Pavia and Ergovisionlab, in Italy

2. Interview Prof.Mauro Testa University of Pavia about the new Lotto soccer shoe for Luca Toni

3. The new football shoes LOTTO twist'n go on youtube


Pictures from the Press Conference in Seehaus, Munich
90. novel sponsoring the Bavarian State Theatre in Munich, Germany (April 09, 2008)

novel follows their theme "art in science" and sponsors the logistics of the Bavarian State Theatre"

Please have a look at the new lorry of the Bavarian State Theatre


89.  17th Annual Meeting of European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children will take place in Antalya, Turkey on September 8-13, 2008 (April 04, 2008)

The meeting aims to promote technological development in the science of human movement and to create an opportunity for neuromusculoskeletal system professionals to share the most updated knowledge on assessment and treatment of movement disorders. Please visit their homepage for more information.

88. A soccer protocoll test using novel pedar was shown on youtube by University of Pavia and Ergovisionlab, in Italy (April 04, 2008)
Please enjoy the video on youtube. For further information about the test, please contact Mauro Testa.
87. Latest quality automotive sensors from novel (March 10, 2008)

Calibrated , quality matrix sensors from novel have many applications in the automotive industry.

The elasticity of the sensors allow high compliance to conform with the curved and soft surfaces in cars.

Each sensor in the matrix is calibrated to the relevant pressure range to allow accurate and reliable pressure evaluation. please contact for specific data. Custom made sensors are available.

86.  Ms. Maliotou from Cyprus is broadening her regional service area to Greece, Turkey and
  the Middle East (Feb 15, 2008)

  Ms. Diamanto Maliotou, our representative from Foot Forward in Cyprus is now also presenting novel in Greece and Turkey and consulting for novel in the Middle East.
For those of you who are interested in a full solution for pedography and orthopaedic shoes and shoe inserts, please contact Ms. Maliotou.

Foot Forward
Diamanto Maliotou

62 Ifigenias Str. "Alexio" Building, 3rd floor,
Nicosia 2003, Cyprus
tel: +357 22 44 64 64
fax:+357 22 45 07 87

85.  novel participated in Arab Health 2008 ( 28-31 Jan 2008) (Feb 14, 2008)

 84. novel will be exhibiting at DFCon 08 Global Diabetic Foot Conference on 13-15 March 2008
  in Los Angeles, California (Feb 13, 2008)

DFCon 08 Global Diabetic Foot Conference (, set for 13-15 March 2008 at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles, California, is the premier international, multidisciplinary conference on diabetic foot research and care. Established in 2003, DFCon is now held annually. With three days of innovative education programs presented by a stellar international faculty, it attracts participants from about 30 countries and all 50 states of the United States. About 60 leading companies, including novel GmbH, are exhibiting at the conference.

This year's conference focuses on providing diabetic foot information that attendees can take back home and put to practical use in their clinical settings. Among the topics covered this year are wound healing, ulceration prevention, open versus endovascular surgery, the emerging subspecialty of limb preservation, diabetic neuropathy, revascularization, stem cell therapies and practical tips on treating diabetic foot ulcers by master clinicians.

In addition to getting the latest information on diabetic foot research and care, attendees can take advantage of all the cultural, shopping and beach attractions of Los Angeles and Southern California. Internationally known chef Wolfgang Puck caters conference food and beverages.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is served by 90 airlines and has direct and nonstop international flights from dozens of countries. The DFCon headquarters hotel is just 20 minutes away, and there's no need to rent a car. Deluxe accommodations at the stylish Hollywood Renaissance Hotel are available at US$209, single or double.

George Andros, MD, and David G. Armstrong, DPM, PhD, are co-chairmen of the conference.

More information about DFCon 08 and online registration are available at

83.  Amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius rule ineligible for Olympics because of racing blades (Feb 08, 2008)

Amputee runner Oscar Pistorius seeks independent tests on prosthetic limbs.
To view the whole article, please click here.

82.  novel skitesting in St. Christoph (Feb 03, 2008)

novel did some very secret skitesting during the International Congress on Science and Skiing in St.Christoph, Austria, December 14th-18th.

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