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Updated on April 22nd, 2024

Latest News:

  • The pre- reservation for 44 rooms at hotel DAS ACHENTAL expires on May 3rd 2024. From that date on the hotel will start to sell the rooms to other customers. The ESM room rates are 311.-Euro for a double room including excellent breakfast.

    Please note that this is high season and it is a well-known holiday area. DAS ACHENTAL is a very fine hotel and the prices can go higher than 400.- Euros per night. Please also check the list of other hotels that are noted on the homepage. It might already be difficult to find rooms near by. Please book in time.

  • Early Bird registration is extended to May 1st, 2024.
  • Bachelor, Master, and PhD students can register for 300 Euros plus VAT for full registration.
  • Due to many requests from congress participants, the deadline for submitting abstracts for the presentations and award papers has been extended to May 1st, 2024.

We are delighted that there will be another ESM this year from July 20th-22rd. It will take place in Grassau, Bavaria close to Munich and Salzburg. The ESM 2024 links very well with the ISBS Congress in Salzburg ending on July 19th.

Since 1989, the ESM Meetings have gained a legendary reputation as a scientific event that brings together young researchers and world-renowned scientists.

During scientific lectures and discussions, the state of research in the field of pressure and force loading on the human body and in animals is explained.

The focus will be on the influence of forces on the performance of athletes, the comfort of everyday products, the strain on workers in the context of occupational health and safety, the design of products in the fields of sport, safety and medicine, improving the ergonomics of work equipment in the industrial sector, the control of exoskeletons and robots, the monitoring of therapeutic progress in rehabilitation and the optimal care of the feet of diabetics.

If you look at the development of sports shoes over the last 40 years, for example, the measurement of force distribution in shoes has had an extremely important influence on shoe design and therefore on the performance of athletes and comfort in everyday life.

From the credo “cushion, support, guide” of the 1980s and 1990s, it was a long way to controlling the foot against overpronation or supination, to today’s level of knowledge of influencing the foot as little as possible in its movement and optimizing the natural cushioning and suspension mechanisms of the neuro-muscular system.

Countless measurements taken by leading sports shoe manufacturers and the evaluation of the data have repeatedly produced new findings.

The mobility of completely new systems and AI will lead to enormous insights.

The work of young researchers is always leading the way to new insights.

The ESM 2024 will showcase the current state of knowledge and enable planning for future research.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the Bavarian mountains.

The ESM organizing crew

History of ESM

More than 33 years ago novel was approached by Professor Leslie Klenerman to provide support for development of a user group meeting hosted by the University of Liverpool. The inaugural meeting began the following year in Liverpool at the Royal Infirmary Hospital.

At that time, we did not realize that over the years the ESM meeting would take us around the world from Liverpool to Vienna, Flagstaff, Ulm, Penn State, Brisbane, Munich, Calgary, Leeds, Spitzingsee, Dundee, Providence, Aalborg, Cambridge and Lisbon in 2016.

This year we will meet in Grassau, Bavaria a wonderful area between Munich and Salzburg.

ESM 2024 will be hosted by novel Munich in cooperation with novel inc., USA. The meeting venue  is the Das Achental conference center which is located between Munich and Salzburg, in upper Bavaria. The venue sits between the beautiful mountains and wonderful lake Chiemsee. ESM 2024 will commence immediately following the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS 2024) in Salzburg, which is a short 1 hour drive from the meeting venue. This is a great chance to visit both events!


  • Saturday, July 20th, 18.00h, Welcome Receiption and Dinner
  • Sunday, July 21st, 8.30h to 17.00h, Scientific Presentations, 19.00h Dinner
  • Monday, July 22nd, 9.00h to 17.00h, Poster Sessions and Scientific Discussions, 19.00 Banquet Dinner and Award Presentations
  • Tuesday, July 23, Outdoor Networking Day (optional)

For further details please contact:

Scientific Chair

We are very pleased that Prof. Morlock has accepted to chair the art in science® scientific committee as in several ESM meetings before.Prof. Morlock has outstanding, long-term experience in biomechanical and arthroplasty research.He is one of the key opinion leaders in the field and has just recently received the Pauwels Medal in honor of his orthopedic work in relation to the biomechanical principles of the skeletal system and the biomechanics of bone healing.

In 1991, the first novel award was presented in recognition of excellence in pressure distribution research. The novel award recipient was determined by an international review committee from the fields of biomechanics and medicine. The novel award for pressure distribution measurement research continued since then to be endowed by novel. In 2010 the “novel award” was renamed the “art in science® Award”.

The art in science® Award 2024, with a prize money of EUR 2,000, is awarded for a peer reviewed journal publication (published after January 1st 2021), not only associated with pedography or foot biomechanics, but for any research in the field of sensing body contact and dynamic load on the human body. The prize will be presented to the primary author of the selected publication. The author’s birthday must be after January 1st,1976.

The selection is conducted by the scientific committee. Papers (pdf files) accompanied by a letter to the scientific committee, confirming that the paper has not received another award, must be submitted by May 1st, 2024. The paper selected for the award must be presented at the meeting. There will be three finalists and they have to present. The art in science® Award will be presented to the winner at the banquet on July 22, 2024.

Previous Winners

  • Lisbon 2016, Licia P. Cacciari (Brazil)
  • Cambridge 2014, Henriette Gaertner (Germany) and Renzo Pozzo (ltaly)
  • Aalborg 2012, Karsten Engel (Germany) and Roelof Waaijman (The Netherlands)
  • Providence 2010, Josh Slane (USA)
  • Dundee 2008, Scott Wearing (UK)
  • Spitzingsee 2006, Wolfgang Potthast (Germany)
  • Leeds 2004, Joshua Burns (Australia) and Mark Thomson (Germany)
  • Kananaskis 2002, Katrina S. Maluf (USA)
  • Munich 2000, Matthew Nurse (Canada)
  • Calgary 1999, Brian Davis (USA)
  • Brisbane 1998, Margret Hodge (Australia)
  • Tokyo 1997, Erez Morag (USA)
  • State College 1996, Dieter Rosenbaum (Germany)
  • Ulm 1994, Michael Morlock (Germany)
  • Vienna 1991, Benno Nigg (Canada)

Scientific Chair

We are very pleased that Prof. Morlock has accepted to chair the art in science® scientific committee as he has in several previous ESM meetings. The committee selects the winner of all the awards. The members of the committee are:

Scientific Committee 

Prof. Natalie Kersting-Mrachaz, Freiburg

Prof. Thomas Mittlmeier, Rostock

Prof. Georg Duda, Berlin

Prof. Antonio Veloso, Lisbon

Prof. Uwe Kersting, Köln

Prof. Sicco Bus, Amsterdam

Prof. Robin Queen, Virginia, USA

Michael M. Morlock (Chair), Hamburg

Best Presentation Award 

The winner is selected by the scientific committee. The Best Presentation Award will be presented during the final reception on Monday evening, July 22nd, 2024.

Abstracts for oral presentations in the field of load measurement must be submitted by May 1st, 2024.

The award winner will receive a prize of EUR 1,000.

Best Poster Award

The Best Poster Award will be presented during the final reception on Monday evening, July 22nd, 2024. The winner is selected by the scientific committee.

Abstracts for poster presentation in the field of load measurement must be submitted by May 1st, 2024.

The award winner will receive a prize of EUR 500.

Abstract/Presentation/Poster  Submission  lnstructions 

Important Dates:

May 1st, 2024                        Abstracts and submissions for the art in science award due

May 15th, 2024                      Abstracts notified

June 15th, 2024                     “art in science” award notified

July 20 – 23, 2024                  ESM 2024

Abstract Submission:

Each abstract should be limited to one A4 page. Abstracts have to be submitted in *docx or *pdf format to

Guidelines for Abstracts

Abstract Title

Presenting Author



Font:             Calibri

Font size:      12pt

Figures and Tables have to be included in the text.

Please specify your preferred presentation mode (talk / poster / either) in your submission e-mail.

lf you are submitting additional abstracts, please include separate information for each abstract.

By submitting an abstract you agree to present at the ESM 2024 meeting in case your abstract should be selected for the program.

Poster Presentation

Abstracts for poster presentations in the field of load measurement not participating in the art in science® Award must be submitted by April 1st, 2024. Participants will be informed of presentation acceptance by May 1st, 2024.

The poster should be in AO (841 x 1189 mm) format with the text not smaller than font size 32.The title and authors, with affiliations, should be clearly stated. The poster should be broadly divided into sections: lntroduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions.

If you have questions, please contact



Pre-register for the meeting now (prior to April 1st, 2024). Please help novel with the meeting planning by pre-registering yourself and your guests now. Pre-registration comes with no obligations or payment but would be greatly appreciated. Please pre-register here:


Thanks in advance.

Full registration

Full registration is already available and will be required for participation.

1. Attendee

Early Registration (prior to April 15, 2024): EUR 498.- (plus VAT)Late Registration (after April 15, 2024): EUR 540.- (plus VAT) Student Registration: EUR 300.- (plus VAT) Full registration includes:

  • Welcome Reception and Dinner on Saturday, July 20th
  • Scientific Presentations on Sunday, July 21st
  • Posters and Scientific Discussions and Seminars on Monday 22nd
  • Coffee Breaks and Lunch during Presentations and Discussions
  • Dinner on Sunday
  • Banquet Dinner on Monday
  • Transportation from train station Rosenheim to venue

Please note that the hotel room fee is not included.

Register as attendee Register as student


2. Guest of Registered Attendee

(not including scientific presentations on Sunday and Monday)

  •  Adult: EUR 265.- (plus VAT)
  •  Child (ages 10-18): EUR 180.- (plus VAT)


  • Children 5-9 must register but do not have to pay a registration fee.
  • Please note that the hotel room fee is not included.
Register as guest (Adult) Register as guest (Child 10-18) Register as guest (Child 5-9)


3. Attendee – One Day

Including presentations on that day and 1dinner:

  • Adult: EUR 175.- (plus VAT)
Register for Presentation & Dinner


Including welcome reception and 2 dinners:

  • Adult: EUR 260.- (plus VAT)
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4. Attendee – Scientific presentations only

(including presentations Sunday and Monday and welcome reception)

  • Adult: EUR 390.- (plus VAT)
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The venue Hotel is DAS ACHENTAL.

The ESM special room rate is 311.- Euros per day for a double room including a rich breakfast buffet for 2 people.

Reservation/Code Number is 20063.

Please book your own rooms at the hotel’s website.

The hotel keeps 50 rooms available until April 25th 2024.

After April 25th the rooms will be available on a first-come first- serve basis.

Other accommodation you will find under: