For those dedicated to fighting diabetic foot disease, this project is a must-know. Get in contact about this europe-spread effort to advance personalized medicine and make a difference in millions of lives. Learn more about the DIALECT team. 

Novel is taking part at DIALECT, which aims to combat diabetic foot disease through personalized medicine, by establishing an innovative, international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and training effort that will deliver the next generation of leading, entrepreneurial and creative scientists and contributing by innovating smart wearable technology for long term pressure, adherence and activity monitoring.  This is both timely and urgent, illustrated by the burden of diabetic foot disease being in the top-10 of all medical conditions, and emphasized by the fact that every 20 seconds someone in the world loses a leg because of foot disease. 

novel will support this cutting-edge project with its world leading measuring systems and will deliver smart, wearable technology transforming the life of millions of diabetes patients.