Software for novel sensor- force and pressure measurement systems


Pressure distribution under the foot

emed - Pressure distribution under the foot - Pedography |


Pressure distribution inside footwear

pedar® Pressure distribution inside footwear - pedography |


Pressure distribution at the hand

pliance® – Pressure and load distribution on hard or soft surfaces measurement |


mobile in-shoe force measurement

force measurement insole - loadsol

Analysis Software + Database Software

The software packages listed below are options that can be purchased in addition to the system acquisition software and hardware. All of the analysis programs are designed to make data handling and reduction as easy and time efficient as possible. Please contact us for more details.


  • novel player
  • novel database light
  • novel isobar
  • novel magic mountain
  • novel tools
  • novel basics


  • novel database pro m
  • novel database diabetes
  • novel projects
  • novel neuropool
  • multimask-e
  • multimask-ip
  • medical professional
  • gaitline & geometry
  • clinical reports
  • multiprojects-e
  • multiprojects-ip


  • novel database industrial
  • novel projects-i
  • industry professional
  • novel player industrial