emed®: Pressure distribution under the foot.

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emed® enables the analysis of the barefoot at highest quality level. It easily scans the pressure distribution and gives a reliable and accurate analysis of the foot function.

emed pedography platforms are accurate electronic systems for recording and evaluating pressure distribution under the foot in static and dynamic conditions. The platforms provide accurate, reliable information for the analysis of foot function and diagnosis of foot pathologies. Foot deformities and malfunction can be detected during analysis of the barefoot pressure data.

The emed systems belong to the family of novel pedography measurement platforms. All scientific emed platforms operate with calibrated capacitive sensors.

Pedography is a functional diagnostic tool. The pedography analysis can be done within 8 minutes.

The emed platforms are compliant with the European Regulations on Medical Devices. This is extremely important for its use in clinical settings. A simple CE mark without a notified body is not sufficient as it can stand only for low distortion but not for safety and reliability.


foot pressure mapping - gait analysis - pressure measurement under the foot - emed

The emed measuring software
controls the emed platform and collects and displays the plantar pressure data of the foot. Different levels of emed measuring software are available.

emed - foot pressure mapping platform

Key features provided by emed®: 

  • collect pressure and force data during static & dynamic movements like balance, walking, running and more
  • work with reliable, individually calibrated, capacitive sensors
  • quickly integrate the platform in your lab or medical environment and sync with other systems
  • create pre-defined reports for multiple applications within seconds, automatically
pedography analysis with emed | novel.de

emed platforms
are available in different dimensions and with various synchronization options. Please find below the technical specifications of the various emed pedography platforms.

Technical data

emed® q

emed® xl

pressure range
10 - 1,720 kPa
dimensions in mm
(height incl. cover)
700 x 403 x 15.5
1,529 x 504 x 21
sensor area (mm)
475 x 320
1,440 x 440
# of sensors
resolution (sen/cm²)
frequency (Hz)
*accuracy (% ZAS)
± 5
± 5
temp. range (°C)
15 - 40
15 - 40
sync-out pulse
at first contact

All platforms measure accurate, calibrated pressure, force, and contact area.
Additionally, the emed-xl collects spatiotemporal parameters.

*ZAS: Zero at start

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