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loadsol® sensors enable mobile measurement of the normal ground reaction force on the plantar surface of the foot. The system can be used both for static and dynamic measurements, to accurately quantify the forces generated between the foot and the shoe.

The occurring forces provide important information concerning the kinetics of the body or element to be measured.

The textile, soft, deformable and ultra-thin sensors are designed to enable accurate assessment of gait analysis, load analysis or maximum force analysis in any environment and during any body movement, to name some applications. 

Use loadsol® to capture the interaction between foot and ground accurately, effortlessly and with flexibility.

real-time force measurement - in shoe force measurement | loadsol

How to utilize loadsol and loadsol pro

loadsol® sensors are used by many research and development facilities all over the world. Due to the flexible usability, the applications are very diverse.

Sample applications:

Data collection and analysis with loadapp 

loadapp is an easy to use smartphone application that helps to collect the data you are looking for. After connecting the insoles via bluetooth, the measurement can be set up and the data can be viewed in real-time or stored on the sensors. 

After the measurement the data can be downloaded from the sensors via bluetooth or via USB. The application, if required, allows for extensive display and evaluation of various parameters.


Create a video of your measurement and compare video and force data. With loadapp you can film any measurement you are making and display the force data. This way you can easily track events during measurement.

loadsol: plantar normal force inside footwear

Measuring the load distribution inside the shoe.

For more than 44 years, novel has been pioneering in the field of load distribution measurement. With loadsol®, precise and accurate measurement inside the shoe is now possible for the first time for truly mobile applications.

The matchbox-sized electronics and the completely textile sensor enable measurements indoors and outdoors, in almost any environment and at virtually any movement. 

Use loadsol® to acquire reliable force data inside the shoe.

groun reaction force measurement
Force data example: GRF while running.
Accurate shoe force measurement - fo


NEW loadsol® pro key features:

➢ record forces accurately and reliably according to novel’s high quality standards

➢ stream or collect data fully autonomously utilizing the integrated memory

➢ collect data remotely via cloud or your own network servers in realtime

➢ synchronize via TTL with lab equipment or system with loadsync

➢ measure comfortably inside the shoe with a 100 % textile, thin, conformable sensor

Simultaneously create a video of your measurement to compare video and force data


More loadsol® features:

➢ display bipedal force over time on mobile device

➢ receive biofeedback for two adjustable force levels

➢ output ASCII data and allows comprehensive Windows data analysis

➢ Allows long-term measurement

capture hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot, or hindfoot and medial & lateral forefoot separately

force measurement insole - running insole - loadsol
loadsol - sensor measurement - pedography - biomechanics

Technical specifications:

loadsol insoles are capacitive sensors, meeting the highest novel quality standards. The textile insoles are available in shoe sizes 36 to 48 (European sizes) and in four versions with different sensor area layouts. Bespoke sizes and shapes are also available on demand. 

loadsol and loadsol pro technical specifications are:

force insole - mobile in shoe force measurement | loadsol

Available options:

loadsol® and loadsol® pro are available with different options and functionalities. Describe your application to us and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect system.

loadsol force insole - real time force measurement | novel.de

Comparing loadsol, loadsol pro and pedar:

The loadsol® is used for applications where the capture of the total force on the foot is needed. The loadsol® does not capture the local pressure distribution under the foot. For this application novel’s pedar system is the gold standard.
foot pressure and force measurement - foot force mapping

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