Analog sound signal and realtime output

This software package enables the analog or realtime output of raw force data

loadsol exoskeleton
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There are 2 different levels of realtime access. Through the app or directly with a screw-on wire.


Connect through app*

Utilize the measurement via your phone to test the integration of force sensors into your setup.

All you need is your android device and a cable to plug into your audio-port. The app offers an analog signal that corresponds to the measured force data. This makes prototyping easy and you can quickly verify your ideas without a complex integration of the system.
Technical specs:

  • output of total force depending sound signal for up to two insoles/loadpads
  • data for force will be output as different levels of loudness (max. 32,000 steps*)
  • max. output signal determined by max. force display setting on android
  • one of the following frequencies for the tone is selectable: 400 Hz, 1, 5 or 10 kHz

If data acquisition on PC/Mac takes place through audio input use “Line In” input, to avoid automatic level adaptation of sound input, like on most mic inputs. Line is is most commonly offered by extern (USB) sound cards.

* In reality achievable parameters might vary depending on performance of Android device

loadapp analog sound signal
loadsol embd - embedd force sensor into product

Access force data in real-time via direct connection*

Using precision force data from various regions beneath the feet assists with achieving real-time control of your exoskeleton. Obtain instantaneous force insights from the plantar surface of the foot for immediate feedback. Seamlessly integrate a compact, precise, and dependable force measurement system.

Introducing the loadsol embd

Specifically engineered for these needs, the loadsol embd offers:

  • Options of one (Total), two (Anterior/Posterior), or three (Medial/Lateral & Posterior or Anterior, Central & Posterior) sensor zones, ensuring complete coverage of the foot’s plantar area.
  • Calibrated capacitive force sensors produced with loadsol embd electronics specially designed for real-time applications.
loadsol embd

*get the development kit for 9950 EUR

How Does loadsol embd Operate?

  • •The advanced force sensors scan quickly up to 200 Hz utilizing the integrated electronics.
  • Force data is relayed as analog signals ranging from 0 to 2.5 V , with 2,000-step resolution, where each step corresponds to 2.5 N.
  • Easily interpret this analog data through your ADC, DAQ, data logger, or any preferred input.

Simple Setup Steps:

  1. Connect to ground.
  2. Power the loadsol embd with DC 3.3V – 5V.
  3. Attach one data cable per sensor zone (up to 3) for access to each sensor’s analog signal output.
  4. Optional: connect additional input and output signal wire

For enhanced measurement control, implement the flexibility of a Bluetooth connection and the loadapp. Alternatively, utilize the predefined measurement process, which includes initiation and shut-down, zero measurement, system start and stop.


loadsol embd

*get the development kit for 9950 EUR