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We do not offer a webshop for a simple reason: We want to make sure, that our products perfectly fit your needs. Our engineers and specialist personally take care of any request that we receive.

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System overview:

emed®: pressure distribution under the foot

pedar®: pressure distribution inside the shoe

pliance®: pressure distribution between any object

manugraphy®: hand force and pressure validation

loadsol®: normal force inside shoe

loadpad®: normal force on any surface

texsens®: forces inside garments and textiles

trublu®: calibration device.

loadpad PT®: force plate system for PTs


Auxiliary products (only in addition to a system):

software: data acquisition and analysis software is available for every system. We also offer upgrades.

pedar® sensors: insole shaped sensors in any form and size for the pedar system

pliance® sensors: sensors in any shape, form and size for the pliance system

loadsol® sensors:  insole shaped sensors in 3 different forms, layouts and every size

loadpad® sensors: force sensors in any form, layout and size.

texsens®: force sensors any form.

accessories: Cable, batteries, syncs, covers, bags and many more.