loadapp: force measurement software

loadapp: real-time force measurement software

loadapp is available on the Apple Appstore for iOS and MacOS (M1 required). loadapp is available on the Google Play Store for Android. 



With loadapp you can do a full measurement and export your data within 5 easy steps:

Connect multiple sensors

Easily connect multiple sensors at once. With loadapp you can connect up to 6 sensors at the same time

real time force measurement by loadapp - novel.de
mobile real-time data collection - loadsol - sport science | novel.de

Check calibration

Easily check the calibration of multiple sensors at once. With loadapp you can check and optimize the calibration of each sensor on a single screen before you start your measurement.


Realtime measurement

Display your measurement in realtime and see what’s happening. With loadapp you can display your measurement data “as it comes in” as Force-Time-Graph.

real-time force measurement
mobile force measurement - loadapp

Video and measurement

Create a video of your measurement and compare video and force data. With loadapp you can film any measurement you are making and display the force data. This way you can easily track events during measurement.


Export ASCII and send data

With loadapp exporting your data as ASCII file is easy. Send any measurement directly from your phone to another device within seconds.

loadapp for loadsol data export

Expert extensions

There are several extensions available for loadapp. These can be added to your license easily.