Gait analysis

This software packages enables a full gait analysis of force or pressure data.

loadsol: force measurement insole - real-time data collection using loadapp
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Our gait analysis software, using force and pressure data, is a practical tool with wide-ranging applications.


Analyze any data set

You can analyze any file you recorded easily.

For researchers, the software is a powerful resource. It sheds light on how different factors, like footwear or age, influence our walking patterns. Also, it’s not limited to human studies – it can also help understand animal movement.

loadapp for loadsol data export

Get a quick overview

Within seconds you will get an overview of the selected gait measurement

In healthcare, this software is a helpful diagnostically. It can spot gait irregularities indicative of medical conditions like neuromuscular disorders. Plus, it tracks patients’ progress over time, guiding personalized rehabilitation programs.

Most important gait parameters

Every step is recognized and the key parameters are calculated.

As for development, the software is a boon for sports training, prosthetics, and robotics. Athletes can use it to avoid injuries and improve performance. Prosthetic makers can design more user-friendly products. And for robotics, it offers insights for building better walking robots.


Custom-tailored to your needs

The settings for the analysis can be adapted.

Depending on your goal, steps and parameter definitions can be adapted easily


Export as ASCII

As always, the export of the data is simple and easy.

Overall, our gait analysis software promises to enrich knowledge, enhance healthcare, and drive innovation in several fields.