Tamberi jump analysis

This software packages enables the analysis of forces during high and long-jump. Developed in cooperation with leading athletes in the world, this quickly gives an overview on rhythm, symmetries and jumping technique.

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Our jumping analysis software, using force and pressure data, is a practical tool for athletes, coaches and researchers.


Parameter detection

Every jump depends on multiple parameters. To optimize them, this function gives you detailed insights into the key parameters like peak-force, rhythm, symmetry, etc.

Details on forces, rhythm and every step

The app analyses every step for contact time, flight time, forces, balance and peaks. This is a great way of optimizing your rhythm and technique.


Jumping procedure

Jumping is a very technical movement. To analyze it, loadapp provides a “procedure” custom-tailored to trainers and athletes.

Utilize this procedure, developed in cooperation with world-leading athletes to measure long- and high-jumps.

real time force measurement by loadapp - novel.de

Automated recording

The procedure gives you 10 seconds to do your jump. Afterwards the data is automatically analyzed. 


Analyze any jump

The app recognized jumping movement and automatically provides the analysis option.