Kinematics package

The kinematics package enables the use of high-end IMU data in loadapp from loadsol pro for the analysis of acceleration and orientation data in combination with force data.

loadapp IMU and fyroscope data loadsol pro

*starting at 399 EUR / quarter and additionally requires upgrade of sensor

Our kinematics package is available for loadsolpro. After upgrading your sensors simply add the kinematics package to your license to utilize it.

Combine kinetics with kinematics

  1. IMU sensors enrich force measurements, detailing direction, speed, and foot rotation during motion.
  2. Improve diagnosis assessment and intervention with IMU’s added data for evaluation of balance, gait, and stride patterns.
  3. Experience enhanced precision in assessing force changes across various activities and terrains with our integrated IMU.
loadapp IMU and fyroscope data loadsol pro

Sync force and movement

You can upgrade your loadsol pro with 3 easy steps:

  1. Enable measurement with accelerometer and gyroscope in loadapp settings
  2. Enable display of IMU data in loadapp display settings
  3. Start any measurement with or without video.

State of the art IMU

In accordance with novel’s philosophy and products, we are utilizing the best in class and state of the art technology to guarantee a reliable, precise and accurate measurement for your research, test and applications. 

The loadsol pro is equipped with the Bosch BMI270 chip.

Parameter Technical data
Digital resolution
Accelerometer (A): 16-bit or 0.06 mg/LSB
Gyroscope (G): 16-bit or 0.004 dps/LSB
Raw measurement range & sensitivity
(A): ± 2g to ±16 g,
(G): ±125 dps to ±2000 dps
Zero-g/zero-rate offset
(A): ±20 mg, (G): ±0.5 dps
Sensitivity error
(A): ± 0.4%, (G): ± 0.4% (with CRT)
Temperature range
-40 … +85 °C
Temperature behaviour
(A): ±0.25 mg/K; ±0.004 %/K
(G): ±0.02 dps/K; ±0.02 %/K
Noise density
(A): 160 µg/√Hz, (G): 0.008 dps/√Hz

Accelerometer and gyroscope

The BMI270 offers precise acceleration, angular velocity measurement, and smart motion-triggered interrupts.

This 6-axis sensor merges a 16-bit tri-axial gyroscope and accelerometer, featuring Bosch’s robust gyroscope technology. Ideal for applications in research, biomechanics, ergonomics, medicine and data analytics.


Upgrade your loadsol pro

After months of development to synchronize the measurement of force and acceleration we are happy to offer for every loadsol pro the ability to enable the onboard IMU sensor chip. Enable them by simply upgrading your pair of loadsol pro by sending us a short e-mail to or directly via paypal:

Upgrade your sensor

*499 EUR per pair of loadsol pro

loadsol pro upgrade sensor