Fracture Evaluation

load measurement in fracture evaluation - weight bearing

The loadsol® system for movement analysis enables researchers to draw conclusions about the musculoskeletal system by detecting irregularities and asymmetries in movement patterns.  loadsol® measures interaction between the body and ground accurately, effortlessly, and with flexibility.

What is the problem concerning hip fracture evaluation?

Fractures of the Pelvis (FFP) are difficult to classify and therefore difficult to determine a patient’s treatment options – surgical or conservative.  To prevent potentially chronic hip fracture consequences, such as muscular atrophy and thrombosis, appropriate and quick classification of the fracture must occur.

Analyzing the gait patterns of patients with loadsol® sensors is a highly promising approach to support the process of quick fracture categorizations, FFP1 to FFP4.

How exactly can loadsol® support hip fracture categorization?

By placing loadsol® sensors into the footwear, differences in individual gait patterns (even when using walking aids) can be shown. Analyzing the load measured on the lower extremities with loadsol®’ in-shoe force sensors may show differences in the average peak forces of the affected and non-affected limb. It is also possible to observe differences in foot loading between fracture patterns of the FFPs.

Load measurement for fracture evaluation - loadsol

Key features of the loadsol® system for fracture evaluation:

The loadsol® is a highly accurate measuring insole which can collect data from multiple consecutive projects remotely and in real time. The loadsol® software and the hardware are easy to use and self-explanatory. The system sensors are textile, soft, deformable, ultra-thin and designed to enable repeatedly and accurate assessment of load analysis in any environment and during any movement. With loadsol® pro, the system can be combined and synchronized with lab or other analysis tools via TTL, using the loadsync® hardware. All sensors communicate via Bluetooth® with any mobile device.

fracture evaluation using loadsol

💡: Researchers noted that loadsol® can support post-surgical monitoring of the recovery process with remote, real-time data analysis of the patient.


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