Post-surgical load monitoring

The loadsol® system for force measurement enables clinicians to control weightbearing restrictions after lower extremity surgery and during the rehabilitation process

What is the problem in the post surgery weight bearing process?

After foot surgery an optimal weight bearing on the affected foot is crucial to ensure a fast healing of the fracture and a successful recovery process. It was noticed and proven that patients – especially with rising age – do not have the ability to rate or maintain the weight, applied to their foot. loadsol® was developed to solve the problem of controlled weight bearing by allowing the therapist to monitor the patients weight bearing effortlessly, remotely and continuously.

What is the concern during the post-surgical weightbearing restriction process?

 After lower extremity surgery optimal weightbearing on the affected limb is crucial to ensure a healthy and successful recovery of a fracture. It has been observed and documented that patients, particularly seniors, do not have the ability to determine or maintain the prescribed weight restriction, which should be applied to the post-surgical limb. loadsol® was developed to aid in the process of weightbearing restriction by allowing the clinician to monitor the individual’s weightbearing effortlessly, remotely and continuously.

How exactly can loadsol support the hip fracture categorization process?

loadsol® measures the interaction between the body and ground accurately and with flexibility. By placing loadsol® sensors into the footwear, the patient’s weightbearing can be monitored and adapted.  Also, the patient’s perception of weightbearing intensity can be trained and supported.  


Accurate insole for mobile force measurement - loadsol 2 -

Key features of the loadsol® system for post-surgical load monitoring and mapping:

The loadsol® is a highly accurate measuring insole which can collect data from multiple consecutive projects remotely and in real time, so therapists are able to observe many patients at the same time. The loadsol® software, as it`s hardware, are self-explanatory and easy to use, without the need of extra training or qualification.

The sensors are textile, soft, deformable, ultra-thin and designed to enable repeatedly and accurate assessment of load analysis in any environment and during any movement. With loadsol® pro, the system can be combined and synchronized with lab or other analysis tools via TTL, using the loadsync® hardware. All sensors communicate via Bluetooth® with any mobile device.