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Manugraphy - hand pressure assesment
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The manugraphy system* is an accurate and reliable system to measure the hand forces while gripping. Up to now, functional hand assessment could only quantify the total force, for example with a dynamometer.

The manugraphy system developed by novel offers a key advantage over the conventional systems: It is able to determine the force of each single finger and even the phalanges. The individual force contributed by each part of the hand – the finger, phalanx, or palm – is measured separately. These detailed information enable to achieve a truly objective biomechanical analysis of the hand.

In order to measure the local forces underneath the hand, 896 highly accurate force sensors are applied to the surface of two cylinders of different diameters, suitable for different hand sizes. Each single sensor is sampled 20 times per second by the manugraphy analyser, and the measured forces are allocated to the respective fingers, phalanges, ball of the hand, and thumb. In a dynamic measuring mode, it is possible to identify the current local forces as well as the average forces per gripping sequence. Subsequently, the whole measuring process in its dynamic course can be reproduced.

The data are displayed in 2D, 3D and in isobars, showing the absolute force of each sensor element. An acoustic signal that tells the subject when to grip and release allows for a standardised test procedure. With these detailed and objective functional analyses of the different hand areas, the user is able to compare different grasping actions.

The manugraphy software

The manugraphy software provides the user with a fast and extensive analysis of the persons hand function. A special database stores and organises the master data as well as the individual measurements, and makes a direct comparison of different situations possible.

hand pressure measurement - manugraphy

The manugraphy measurement software facilitates the configuration and selection of different measuring modes, for bigger and for smaller cylinders, for case-specific analyses, and for biofeedback training. Audio instructions lead the person through the gripping process, and give information on the gripping force. A standardised testing is guaranteed.

The measurement data are displayed online on the PC. With a 2D or 3D view of the local forces, the user is able to carry out an accurate functional analysis of both hand and fingers.

The contribution of each single finger and thumb to the total force is the most relevant information. By partitioning the measurement area into subareas for each finger and the palm of the hand, it is possible to accurately indicate the gripping force and its temporal variation. In this way, the user can evaluate functional changes of the hand load.

With the help of simultaneous videostreams, the  movements of the different fingers can be optically displayed and documented.

* Important note for users inside the EC: The manugraphy system is not certified as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC.

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manugraphy software

Force-time curves of each finger

hand pressure mapping with manugraphy

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