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manugraphy Software


Features included:

Data organization software

  • Predefined database
  • Organises patient data and manugraphy® data
  • Initialises the manugraphy® system
  • Allows queries

Data acquisition software

  • Acquisition, storage and visualization in colour of dynamic load distribution data
  • View of absolute pressure values in each sensor
  • Playback of dynamic measurement
  • View maximum pressure, force and contact area
  • Maximum pressure picture (MPP), mean value picture (MVP)
  • Screen hardcopy and printout in original size
  • Storage of collected data with comments
  • Colour 3d display of load distribution
  • Choice of several definable sensor areas for different anatomical regions (masks) with calculated maximum pressure and total force in each mask
  • Audio cueing for start and stop of gripping

Data evaluation software
The software divides periodic load changes (cycles) into individual data files, in order to analyse and average them in the manugraphy® report.

  • The manugraphy® report allows automatic calculation of the averaged loading values out of many dynamic measurement cycles i.e. left versus right or pre- vs. post treatment. The result is an automatically generated report which lists the results in a standard form.
  • The first report page contains patient’s data, his history, diagnosis, and comments imported straight from the database. Two pictures show the maximum pressure pictures for both the left and right hand in 2D and 3D. The logo of the health center can be uploaded as a picture. The footer contains the report issuing date, name of the physician, date of visit, patient ID and patient name.
  • Furthermore, maximum force, time-force integrals, and maximum peak pressure are shown separately for the predefined anatomical areas (five fingers and palm).
  • Local loading measured in the different areas is shown in columns for both the left and right hand or one hand pre and post.
  • Average values and standard deviation are displayed as well.
  • The averaged file of the grip process is displayed also dynamically for both the left and right hand or pre-post, playback can be effected frame by frame or on a loop.
  • The manugraphy® report is in html form and can be forwarded per email, or handed over as printout.