pedar® insole information

The pedar insole has 99 capacitive sensors distributed over the full insole without any gaps. This way, we make sure that no information is lost and any force or pressure by-pass is prevented.


Precise and accurate

The pedar insole is an accurate and reliable pressure distribution measurement insole for monitoring local loads between the foot and the shoe. It is soft, flexible and cover entire plantar surface of the foot with its 99 capacitive sensors.

pedar is the gold standard for measuring pressure distribution inside footwear.

You may find some technical details about pedar in below table.

Technical details

insole sizes22-51 (European)
sensor thickness (mm)1.9
thickness of leads1.5
number of sensors84-99
pressure range (kPa) 15-600
hysteresis (%)< 7
resolution (kPa)2.5
offset temperature drift (kPa/K)<0.5
frequency response (0-100 Hz)< 2dB
min. bending radius (mm)20
pressure change due bending (kPa)< 20

The world’s most reliable sensor

The insole is used world wide for state of the art research and development. Almost every major running shoe, medical shoe or break-through research around in shoe-pressure relied on pedar technology.

insole size chart

pedar insole catalogue

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