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The pliance wheelchair system delivers absolute repeatable technology for static and dynamic pressure distribution measurement on wheelchairs. The system
provides a dynamic quantification of the seated localized pressure locations of patients in wheelchairs.
The pliance system assists in selecting the appropriatecushions and correct adjustments of the wheelchair to fit the individual patient. For everyday testing, all measurements can be performed dynamically while the wheelchair is moving. The pliance operates via Bluetooth telemetryover a 100 meter range. The telemetry allows the user to watch the patient in the wheelchair and at the same time fully control the pliance system from the PC .

pliance wheelchair software
The pliance software operates as a Windows application and allows easy data collection. It also allows continuous data storage in real-time mode and data handling with a configurable SQL database. Using novel medical scientific software the expert is able to design the analysis of data to their specific needs and exchange HTML report data with colleagues via intranet or internet connection. Specific reports can be designed by the user to allow quick and easy data analysis and communication.

pliance wheelchair sensor mat
The system consists of a not only flexible but also elastic measuring mat, a multi-channel analyser, a calibration device and a software package for Windows computers. As in all medical measuring systems the most important part is the sensor technology. pliance works with accurate capacitive transducers in a matrix configuration. The elasticity of the sensor mats permits perfect conformability to 3-dimensional deformations. The pressure transducing elements contain high-tech materials manufactured by novel. Restoring force, range of force, threshold, hysteresis, temperature effect, frequency response and other characteristics are tailored to optimal use on wheelchairs.

This type of software could even assist hospitals that use ems dispatching software for medical emergencies in collecting patient data from a single medium. The sooner the doctors review the medical records, the faster the treatment will be. Such advancements in technology have aided both patients and hospitals in dealing with emergency calls and dispatching an ambulance as soon as possible.

Features of pliance wheelchair software:

  • easy to use
  • Windows OS (Mac running Windows)
  • multilingual
  • integrated with novel database
  • displays pressure time integrals, force time integrals and regional analysis of pressure and time variables
  • allows multi-field analysis

Features of pliance wheelchair sensor mat:

  • elastic, fully stretchable
  • highly compliant to 3D soft surfaces
  • accurate, 5% ZAS
  • low hysteresis 3% – 7%
  • each sensor individually calibrated
  • low temperature effect

Features of pliance wheelchair analyser:

  • accurate
  • dynamic
  • light-weight
  • easy to use
  • mobile
  • safe
  • synchronizes with external device
The pliance-HS wheelchair systems software - wheelchair pressure mapping| novel
wheelchair body pressure mapping - pliance: body pressure measurement on wheelchair | novel.de

Autonomous Wheelchair

Novel’s capacitive force sensors could be used in an autonomous wheelchair to detect changes in pressure and weight distribution, which could be used to determine the user’s intended direction of movement. For example, if the user leans forward, the sensors could detect the change in pressure and adjust the wheelchair’s movement accordingly. Additionally, capacitive force sensors could be used to detect obstacles in the user’s path, allowing the wheelchair to navigate around them. Overall, capacitive force sensors could enhance the safety and efficiency of an autonomous wheelchair.  

trublu calibration device
With the aid of the trublu calibration device, all pliance-HS sensors
are individually and simultaneously calibrated with homogeneous air pressure. Calibration guarantees accurate and reproducible data collection.

pliance analyzer
The pliance electronic system can collect up to 1024 sensor elements in the sensor matrix. The pliance software can be installed on Windows operating systems and has options for a wide range of scientific analysis. Collec ted data can be stored on the SD memory card or transmitted real-time to a computer via the built-in Bluetooth telemetry

The pliance analyzer can be synchronized with many other measuring systems such as EMG or 3D motion analysis systems.

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