Tire optimization

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The pliance-ttx system was developed to measure pressure distribution at the contact area of a tire. Due to the design of the platform passenger vehicle tires as well as larger truck tires can be tested.

The capacitive sensor technology by novel is the most accurate and reliable measurement tool for this application since all the sensors are individually calibrated and stable over the long-term.
The pliance-ttx system includes software and system support as well as tailored measurement specifications.

tire pliance sensor specification | novel.de

pliance-ttx recorder software

  • automatic or manual start of data acquisition
  • dynamic measurement with selectable scanning rate
  • display of absolute pressure value for each sensor
  • synchronisation of pressure distribution measurement with video recording is possible
  • comparison display for different measurements pliance-ttx cross sections software
  • longitudinal and transversal cross sections are displayed
  • integrals are calculated
  • display of force and area for sensors loaded above a selectable pressure threshold
  • This scientific software for user defined pressure distribution analysis includes
Tire sensor optimization - novel sensors software| novel.de

novel database pro i 4

SQL database, designed according to the users needs, contains e.g. tire types, loading conditions, pressure distributions and additional files like drawings and HTML files.
It connects to all novel software packages for scientific data analysis.

novel multimask

  • Parameter analysis in selected areas
  • peak pressure, average pressure
  • force and force-time-integrals
  • center of pressure, contact area
multimask tire software - novel sensors

Features of pliance-ttx

  • calibrated
  • Low hysteresis
  • durable
  • approved for industrial use
  • USB connected
  • Synchronized video recording
  • user friendly
  • ASCII output
  • HTML report system