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Download studio


You can download novel scientific studio from Apple App Store and Microsoft Store for free. Click the icons to go to the store.

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Connect your loadsol pro or loadpad pro

novel studio makes downloading your flash memory mode measurements easy.

  1. Go to manage devices
  2. Connect your loadtech via USB cable. If you are using a hub, make sure it is a powered hub, not a passive hub. Connect all sensors at the same time, to enable synchronisation.
  3. Click on the search button
  4. Select all the sensors you want to read
  5. Optional: activate auto-create ascii
  6. Click download – this may take a while

Your data will be downloaded, synchronized between all sensors and stored in archive according to the measurement date.

Note: Only sensors that started the measurement with the same smart device and at the same time are synchronized.

If you cannot find loadsol pro or loadpad pro via USB

Make sure your system fulfills the requirements for FTDI4222.

  1. Make sure your system finds the devices FT4222H A and B
    1. If the driver is missing, install it from
    2. If the device does not show up, use a different USB port
  2. Make sure your USB Port is powered.
    1. If you are using a Hub, use a powered one
    2. If you are using a desktop, make sure to use the powered USB slots
  3. Use a data usb cable
    1. A Y-shaped cable will not work because it cannot transfer data
    2. A very long cable might cause problems

Visualize, analyze and export data

loadtech force and IMU data can be visualized  quickly:

  1. Open a file from archive
  2. On the top right, select the options (e.g. show legend, info, etc.)
  3. On the bottom, use the slider to move along the time axes
  4. Use your mouse scroll to zoom.
  5. Click “export ascii” to save the data as ascii file

Beta: Debug

novel studio is brand new, state of the art software. It might still have small bugs. This way you can help us if there is a problem:

  1. Reach out to and let us know
  2. Select the Debug tab on the left and activate “Write connection into log”
  3. Select “Level.all”
  4. Click “Download usb dump (sensors need to be connected)

We will reach out to you and let you know what files we need.

Important: Deactivate the options afterwards!