The ESM spirit

A few weeks ago novel made the difficult decision to cancel and move ESM 2020 Germany conference to a future date in 2021 or 2022.  Although disappointing, cancelling it was the right and safe decision.

To acknowledge the spirit and enthusiasm of ESM 2020 we would like to highlight some of our most valued presenters and will therefore be offering an interview series event in August, entitled:

“Crosstalk with novel:  Discussions on the future of research and navigating the current restraints imparted by social distancing in your research, patient, and/or student interactions.”

On several days we will release an interview with one outstanding presenter, which will highlight their research and their thoughts on the future of research within the load measurement field.  Check your email, our website, and social media for further details.

Special offer to support and enable research.

In honor of this event, and in support of tele-health, tele-research, and remote learning we will be offering our mobile products loadsol and loadpad at special rates and conditions to our customers.  Please contact novel US or novel Germany or your local sales agent for details. The offer includes all loadsol and loadpad product. Offer ends August 31, 2020.

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loadsol® and loadpad®

State of the art mobile force measurement systems. With loadsol and loadpad, forces from 0.1- 5000 N can be detected. The systems connect via bluetooth with a smartphone app.