loadpad®: Total force between any objects.


loadpad: mobile force measurement on any object
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loadpad® enables the measurement of forces on contact areas between deformable objects.
Utilize the mobile, wireless and versatile sensors to analyze contact forces between objects accurately and reliably.


loadpad force sensors for measuring normal force in biomechanics and industry

The loadpad force sensors were developed by novel for use in a wide range of applications including medicine*, rehabilitation*, sports, ergonomics, biomechanics, and industrial production quality control. The loadpad measures the normal force placed on the sensor area and is therefore the ideal solution for measurements which do not require information about the distribution of force across a surface.

Total force measurement between any objects by loadpad

The loadpad measures the normal total force using a thin, flexible sensor. Based on a new patent, it is the first sensor which can accurately assess the total force even if heterogeneously loaded across the sensor surface. The loadpad sensor has matchbox-sized electronics and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with a smartphone. The force values are displayed on the smartphone in real time. The user can also receive immediate feedback regarding the applied force via an auditory, visual, or vibratory signal. The measured data can be stored on the smartphone and to the cloud and additionally transferred to a computer for a more detailed analysis. Long-term measurements allow the evaluation of different parameters such as impulse, load frequency or loading rate. 


Technical information:

force measurement between objects | loadpad

*dependent on contact area


We offer 2 different loadpad models, in various sizes, depending on your needs. The loadpad and the loadpad HT.

loadpad: measure forces between one soft and one hard object (e.g. measurement between foot and ground); 
loadpad HT: measure forces between two soft objects (e.g. measurement between practitioner’s hand and patient).

loadpad sizes and shapes

The loadpad sensors are available in several standard sizes and with different sensitivity and maximum loads. In order to achieve an optimal adaptation to the intended measuring surface, the loadpad sensor can be produced with different material coverings. The sensor can also be manufactured with a maximum of three sub-areas if it is necessary to distinguish different loads across the sensor surface. The loadpad sensors can be configured accordingly to customer-specific requirements in terms of shape, size, sensitivity, and surface coatings. The loadpad accurately measures a complete assessment of the total force in the normal direction to the sensor.



The loadpad measuring software

The loadapp can be modified for specific applications. It is easy to use, offers numerous display options and allows the analysis of various parameters. Data can also be exported to an ASCII file for additional assessment not included within the app. Additionally, the Windows loadpad analysis software offers an extensive evaluation of the loadpad data on the computer.


Software features: 

•    Provides force curve and time process
•    Provides biofeedback for adjustable force levels
•    Uses patented, capacitive, robust textile sensors
•    Uses small, lightweight electronics
•    Transmits the measurement in real time to smartdevices
•    Works with iOS and Android devices
•    Scans the measuring surface at up to 200 Hz
•    Offers apps for a wide range of applications
•    Detects the force on the entire sensor surface
•    Enables connection to novel Windows software
•    Provides ASCII output for scientific data analysis
•    Operates with coin cell or rechargeable batteries


loadpad is the leading technology for mobile force evaluation in many fields. Some example applications include:

loadpad applications


Here you may visit some application pages and videos:

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