Force between Rider and Saddle or Stirrup – Balance of the Rider

loadpad real time force measurement for horse Photo credit: Marie Kellerbauer
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The riders‘ and stirrup loadpad® systems evaluate the total force between horse saddle and rider or between the feet and stirrups.

The rider’s balance is one of the most important aspects during horseback riding so that the horse’s movements are not hindered and a harmonious interaction between horse and rider can be achieved. 

The loadpad system offers riders and trainers a comprehensive system that includes the riders’ loadpad and the stirrup loadpad. The riders’ loadpad monitors the normal force between the rider and the horse saddle, providing feedback on the rider´s balance, symmetry, and stability while riding. The stirrup loadpad sensors measure the normal force exerted on the stirrups by the rider’s left and right foot. With the combination of both loadpad sensors it is possible to precisely monitor the posture and balance, making it a convenient and reliable tool for riders and trainers alike. The rider immediately gets visualized feedback and is able to improve the riding technique as well as to document changes over time.

The loadpad system comes equipped with the comprehensive loadapp mobile application that enables real-time biofeedback, allowing to immediately correct the posture while riding. The patented, capacitive sensors accurately measure the total force, even if it is partially or heterogeneously loaded across the sensor surface. The small, lightweight electronics communicate wirelessly with a mobile device via Bluetooth®, displaying force values in real time. 
It is also possible to synchronize the loadpad measurement data with video, using the new video function of loadapp, as well as to simultaneously use up to six sensors (respectively loadpad electronic units) and synchronize them via the loadsync device. 

loadpad benefits for riders and trainers:

  • Measure the normal force during riding or standing with high accuracy  
  • Scan the saddle and/or stirrups with up to 100 Hz for accurate analysis  
  • Display forces in real-time and use biofeedback to immediately correct sitting position  
  • Use patented, capacitive sensors and small, lightweight electronics that don’t influence the movement of the horse  
  • Transmit the measurement in real time to mobile devices via Bluetooth®  
  • Evaluate data with loadapp or export ASCII format for scientific data analysis 
  • Operate with disposable or rechargeable coin cell batteries 
loadpad sensors are available for different areas on the horse and rider and for various applications. It is possible to e.g. measure the force applied under the horse bridle, the rider´s helmet or even on the reins with the fingers holding and using the reins during riding (buttonsens)
Force measurement on fingers - Buttonsens
novel also offers the pliance horse saddle system for measuring the fit of the horse saddle.
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