Door handle force measurement and optimization

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Novel’s soft capacitive force sensors can be helpful in the construction industry, particularly when deciding on the appropriate level of force required to operate a door handle. By measuring the amount of force required to open a door, engineers and designers can ensure that the handle is designed to be easily operated by people of all ages and abilities. Additionally, by measuring the maximum amount of force that the door handle can withstand, they can ensure that the handle is durable and can withstand heavy use over time. 

In addition, the sensors can be used to monitor the performance of the door handle over time. If the sensor detects that the force required to open the door is increasing, it can alert maintenance personnel to check for any issues with the door or handle, such as wear and tear or misalignment. This can help to ensure that the door remains functional and safe for use over time. 

Additionally, in commercial or public buildings, this technology can be used to monitor the amount of traffic going through a door and detect if the door is being forced open or if there is any vandalism happening. This can help to ensure the safety and security of the building and its inhabitants. 

Soft capacitive force sensors like loadpad® can be integrated into door handles to provide feedback on the amount of force being applied by the user. This can help to improve the function of door handles in several ways. For example, by providing an audible or visual indication of the amount of force being applied, the sensor can help users to open the door more easily and with less effort. Additionally, the sensor can be used to detect when a user is pushing or pulling too hard on the door handle, and can provide an alert to the user to reduce the force being applied. This can help to prevent damage to the door or the handle, and can also improve the overall usability of the door handle. 

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