Force monitoring for training cosmetic surgeons

force measurement for dermal surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a field where precision and accuracy are essential. The success of a procedure depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon, but also on the tools used. One important aspect of cosmetic surgery is the use of dermal fillers, which require careful and precise application to achieve the desired results.  

Real-time force measurement can help cosmetic surgeons and their teams improve their techniques and train more effectively to ensure quality control and achieve optimal outcomes. 

How to use force monitoring for optimizing training in cosmetic surgery?  

Our thin and flexible loadpad® sensor is designed to measure the forces applied by the hand. This can be used to assess the force during the distribution of dermal fillers in a training setting. The sensor can be easily integrated into surgical gloves or other medical garments, allowing the trainee surgeon to measure the force exerted by their fingers in real-time. The data provided by the sensor can be recorded and analyzed, enabling the trainee surgeon to monitor their performance, identify areas for improvement, and learn from experienced team members to achieve optimal outcomes. Using our sensor can lead to improved quality control, better distribution techniques, and increased patient satisfaction in the long run. 

What features and data does the sensor provide and what are the benefits for the user?  

loadpad® is based on advanced capacitive technology, which provides accurate and reliable force measurements. The loadpad® sensor is also very thin and conformable, with minimal disruption of proprioception, making it comfortable to wear and easy to use during training exercises. The data provided by the sensor includes real-time force measurements, which can be displayed on a monitor or recorded for later analysis.