Exoskeleton control development with loadsol® in-shoe force sensors 

Exoskeleton control development with loadsol® in-shoe force sensors

Exoskeletons are wearable devices that enhance physical capabilities for industrial and military use and provide assistance to people with mobility impairments, spinal cord injuries or paralysis. 

The development of an exoskeleton requires accurate control and feedback mechanisms to ensure the safety and comfort of the user and increase efficiancy. However, because of the complexity of human movement, developing exoskeletons that interact with the user in a natural and intuitive way can be a challenging task. Exoskeletons need to be able to sense the user’s movements and provide assistance at the appropriate time.  

novel’s loadsol® in-shoe force sensors provide valuable information for the development of the exoskeleton control system by delivering real-time data on the force distribution under the foot via novel’s loadapp®. The force data, if the soles are properly integrated into the system, can be used to detect the stance phase of gait, and trigger the exoskeleton to provide assistance at the appropriate time. 

Load measurement for fracture evaluation - loadsol

How to use loadsol®: 

  1. Measure force distribution on the foot with high accuracy to generate an accurate response from the exoskeleton control system. 
  2. Process dynamic changes in the force distribution under the foot in real-time, enabling immediate response from the exoskeleton control system, provided the interface of the two systems is individually and properly matched. 
  3. Customize the exoskeleton control for different users, allowing for a personalized response based on the user’s individual force distribution. 
  4. Constantly tune the control system based on the data collected by the sensors to ensure optimal performance. 
force measurement insole - loadsol

What features does loadsol® provide? 

The loadsol® is based on capacitive sensor technology and is soft and flexible, ensuring comfort during use, without affecting proprioception. The insole provides accurate and reliable measurements of forces, including symmetry, balance, force distribution in up to three areas, impact, loading rate, and more. The loadapp® software is intuitive, user-friendly and provides a comprehensive analysis of the data collected. 

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