Force measurement insole for running

Running is a high-impact sport that puts a lot of stress on the lower extremity. Runners often face difficulties with maintaining proper form, identifying areas of weakness or imbalance, tracking progress over time, or being injured. 

novel’s loadsol® in-shoe force sensors help to overcome these difficulties by providing real-time data on the distribution of force across the foot during impact, propulsion, and landing. loadsol® insoles‘s highly accurate sensor technology provides reliable data to get insights into a runner’s stride and be able to make adjustments in training. 

loadsol: force measurement insole - real-time data collection using loadapp

Easily insert the insole into any running shoe to collect real-time data on force distribution during dynamic movements. This data can then be analyzed on the loadapp® on any mobile device to gain a comprehensive understanding of your athlete’s running technique. Measure during training in any environment with an easy-to-use and light-weight system, that does not alter the athlete’s natural movement. Provide real-time feedback to the runner during the run, which can help them make adjustments to their technique in order to reduce excessive force on certain areas of the foot. Benefit from remote measurement for several athletes at the same time and synchronize your measurements with video to better analyze the athlete’s movement. 

Load measurement for fracture evaluation - loadsol

What features does loadsol® provide? 

loadsol® is based on capacitive sensor technology and is soft and flexible, ensuring comfort during use, without without affecting proprioception. The insole provides accurate and reliable measurements of forces, including impact, loading rate, timing, and more. The loadapp® software is intuitive, user-friendly and provides a comprehensive analysis of the data collected. With these features, coaches and sports scientists can gain valuable insights into a runner’s stride and along with their own knowledge, make informed decisions to improve performance and prevent injury. 

force insole - mobile in shoe force measurement | loadsol
live force measurement using loadapp and loadsol insole

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