Sensors after surgery on lower limb

Use loadsol after your surgery to control the weight you apply to your foot.


After lower limb surgery, it’s important to rehabilitate the affected area so that you can recover and get back to your normal activities. To help with this process, your doctor may recommend to only apply a partial load to your leg. To measure this load force sensors can be used. These sensors are called Ground reaction force sensors (“GRF Sensors”).

Our GRF insoles (loadsol) are special inserts that go inside your shoes. They help measure the force that your feet apply to the ground when you walk or do other weight-bearing activities. By using these insoles, you can monitor how you’re walking and make sure that you’re making progress in your recovery.

The insoles can even help identify issues or imbalances in the way that you walk, which can be addressed through targeted exercises or changes to your footwear. This can help improve your walking mechanics and reduce the risk of further injury.

Overall, the use of loadsol is a helpful tool for your rehabilitation after lower limb surgery. They can help you tailor your recovery plan to your specific needs and ensure that you’re making progress towards a full recovery.

Our sensors are expert systems – using the sensors requires basic understanding of biomechanics, forces and physics.