Sport rehab force measurement

The loadsol®system for restoring the level of performance in sports: loadsol® enables to monitor and control the restoration of strength, balance and symmetry during loading.

What is the problem in the process of restoring performance?

Longer recovery time of an injured athlete can lead to muscle atrophy and regression of motor entities. This can also lead to body imbalance and an increased risk of re-injury upon return to training. Imbalances are also a barrier to optimal performance development. Therefore, targeted, specific, and controlled training of the body is crucial to ensure rapid recovery of strength, balance and speed.

Since imbalances in the muscles are invisible, loadsol measures the load under the foot to ensure an optimal return to sport and competitiveness.

force measurement for sport - force feedback for sport rehab

How exactly can loadsol ensure optimal training for a return to sports?

loadsol® accurately measures the interaction between the body and the ground with flexibility. By placing loadsol® sensors in the shoes, parameters such as loading rate, impulse, force peaks and symmetry can be monitored. With up to three sensors per insole, biomechanists can also gain insights into the Center of Pressure (COP).

mobile force measurement - loadapp

Key features of the loadsol® system for Back to Sports training:

The loadsol® is a high precision measurement insole which can remotely collect data from multiple consecutive projects in real time. Coaches can monitor many athletes simultaneously. Both the loadsol® software and hardware are self-explanatory and easy to use, with no additional training or qualification required.

The sensors are textile, soft, deformable, ultra-thin and designed to allow repeated and accurate assessment of load analysis in almost any environment and during any movement. With loadsol® pro, the system can be combined and synchronized with loadsync® hardware  via TTL with laboratory or other analysis tools. All sensors communicate via Bluetooth® with any mobile device.


Load mapping for athletic training after injury


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