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Find answers to your questions on how to utilize loadapp.


Download loadapp


Before you can start the measurement, you need to connect your sensors to the loadapp. Get loadapp on android Play Store and apple App Store

novel gmbh app store

Sign up for loadapp

Many features require a valid account on loadapp. Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Account
  3. Click on Sign up

and create your account. Let us know what account you created, so we can set up your permissions and unlock the required features.

Check licenses

To make sure that your account has all required licenses, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Account
  3. View licenses.

Setup measurement views and parameters

You can select many different parameters and decide how you want to display them. Go to settings and defined your preferred setup. 

  • In Display & Feedback you can determine the default maximum displayed forces and time, (de-activate) gyroscopes, IMU Data and other functions related to presentation of the measurement
  • In  Parameters you can set measurement defaults like frame rate, (de-)activate IMU data, an more.

Cloud, storage and analysis settings

You can stream your data live to loadserver, auto-upload every measurement to your Google Drive, auto-save the data in ASCII and predefine your analysis settings. Go to Settings and set your

  • Cloud settings or
  • Analysis settings.

Your analysis settings depend on your licenses. Here you can set thresholds for

  • Gait analysis
  • Jump analysis

Measurements and Procedures

loadapp provides several different measurement modes:

  • Line chart: livestream the measurement data to your smart device and view as time-series graph (e.g. for live adjustment of movement, etc.)
  • Bar chart: livestream the measurement data to your smart device and visualize the distribution between left/right/front/back/medial/lateral (e.g. for load distribution evaluation, etc.)
  • Memory mode: Run the measurement independent from your smartphone and download the measurement at the end via bluetooth or via bluetooth in novel studio (e.g. for running evaluation, etc.)

loadapp also provides predefined procedures (depending on your license) that provide a consistent measurement process (e.g. for studies or evaluations)

  • Jump analysis procedure
  • Manual therapy procedure
  • ACLr procedure

We also provide custom procedures for your research (development).

Connect sensors and check calibration

You can connect up to 12 sensors (depending on your license) and run synchronized measurements. Make sure to connect all sensors and check the calibration before measuring.

  1. Go to “Manage Sensors” and select all sensors you need (turn them on before searching)
  2. Click “check calibration”
    1. Zero all sensors (wear them but lift your feet so there is no load on them)
    2. Check the live force which should be bodyweight * 9.81 if the user stands on one insole (single leg stand)
    3. If calibration is off, do a calibration. ! Careful, this changes the sensors properties) !
  3. Click Done and select the type of measurement you want to do.

Change sensor properties and update firmware

With loadapp you can update your sensor properties and update your firmware (depending on your license). Updating the firmware is a critical process. Do it carefully:

  1. Check that you have the license to update the firmware in your account
  2. Connect to your sensor via Manage Sensors
  3. Click on the connected sensor to see properties
  4. Scroll down to “Update firmware” button.
  5. Follow the process closely.

If the process is interrupted, the firmware needs to be repaired. Leave the “Manage sensors” page and navigate to the Settings Tab. Select Account and press “repair firmware”. Follow the process closely.

Adapting the sensor properties is critical. Only adapt what you know is correct. Reach out to info@novel.de if you have any questions.