Team-sports player monitoring

High performance teams and athletes can utilize kinematics and kinetics for optimizing performance, preventing injuries, customizing equipment, enhancing rehabilitation, and improving training by providing detailed insight into athletes’ technique, balance, and movement mechanics.

football player's foot pressure monitoring - loadsol - dynamic load on foot

Understanding forces means quantifying athletic shape

Dynamic and static force and pressure measurements contain a lot of information about the condition of an athlete. After decades of research with novel’s research sensors, athlete monitoring has become a standard in professional sports. And now the same systems are accessible and easy to use for any trainer, coach and rehabilitation experts.

Our precise force and pressure measurement sensors are being utilized in various sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, handball, ice hockey, netball, and many other team sports.

Player monitoring in training or rehab

To optimize athletes’ performance, prevent injuries, and enhance training, monitoring athletes with assessment procedures regularly is important.

For load monitoring, the following equipment is needed:

  1. Pressure-mapping insoles (pedar)
  2. Force sensors (loadsol pro – ap and loadpad KAB mat)
  3. Data analysis software (novel scientific studio)
  4. Video recording equipment (or integrated table/smartphone camera)

Preparing, executing assessments and analyzing data in less than 2 minutes:

Define your own assessments or follow the build in assessment procedures. Included procedures include:

  • Drop jump
  • Decelartion test
  • 100m sprint test
  • etc.

From putting on the wearable to analyzing the result each procedure can be done in less than 2 minutes, including calibration and assessment.


The mobile pressure mapping system can be utilized for various applications. Here are some common examples:

Implement loadsol in Gait Retraining and on-field Rehabilitation

During the early stages of rehabilitation, the loadsol can be used to assess and monitor the player’s gait patterns and loading symmetries as they begin to walk and perform basic movements. The real-time feedback helps in correcting compensatory behaviors early on.

As the player progresses, the loadsol can be used in more dynamic and sport-specific drills to ensure that the rehabilitation exercises are translating into improved functional performance without risking re-injury.

Finally, during the return-to-play phase, the loadsol can continuously monitor the player’s force distribution and loading rates during football-specific activities, ensuring that they are ready to resume competition without increased risk of injury.

Shot analysis on-field utilizing pedar & pedar pad

In football (soccer), analyzing the quality, technique, and effectiveness of shots is crucial for player development, injury prevention, and enhancing overall performance. The pedar pressure insole and pedar pad are advanced tools that can significantly contribute to this analysis by providing detailed insights into the foot’s interaction with the ball during a shot. pedar system offers several benefits:

  • Technique Optimization: By analyzing the pressure distribution across the foot during the shot, coaches and players can identify whether the player is using the optimal part of the foot (e.g., the instep for power shots or the side of the foot for precision shots) for different types of shots.

  • Power Analysis: The pressure data can reveal how effectively a player transfers their body weight into the shot. Higher pressure readings during the strike phase can indicate a more forceful impact, which is often correlated with more powerful shots.

  • Balance and Stability: Understanding pressure distribution during the shooting process can help in assessing a player’s balance and stability. Imbalances or unusual pressure patterns may suggest the need for technique adjustments or could indicate potential injury risks.

  • Injury Prevention: By monitoring changes in pressure patterns over time, coaches and medical teams can identify early signs of overuse or strain in specific parts of the foot, allowing for timely interventions to prevent injuries.

Moreover, using pedar pad provides you valuable information about pressure on top of foot and other valuable insights.


using pedar insole for football. Photo credit by Dr. Lennart Schleese
using pedar insole for football. Photo credit by Dr. Lennart Schleese

Injury prevention with loadsol 

  • ACL & ACLR: loadsol can be used to assess load based parameters during various walking and running tasks. This insole have the potential to be used in the assessment and tracking of various clinical populations recovering from injuries and surgeries. Click here to learn more about utilizing loadsol in ACLR prevention and rehab monitoring.
  • Overload fractures

  • Lower back pain


ACL injury and rehab monitoring by loadsol insole