Measuring the pressure distribution between fruits during storage and packaging

Measuring the pressure distribution utilizing pliance® between fruits during storage and packaging can be helpful in prolonging the shelf life of the fruits. 

When fruits are stacked and packaged together, there can be uneven distribution of pressure among them, which can lead to damage or bruising. By measuring the pressure distribution and adjusting the packaging or storage conditions accordingly, it may be possible to reduce the amount of damage to the fruits and extend their shelf life. 

Additionally, measuring pressure distribution can also help in identifying the fruits that are more delicate and need special care during storage and packaging. This can help in avoiding any damage to these fruits and ensuring that they reach the customer in good condition.

pliance systems offer the state of the art technology for pressure distribution measurement between hard, soft and curved surfaces. The systems consist of a flexible and elastic measuring sensor mat, a multi-channel analyser, a calibration device and a software package for PC.