AR, VR headset pressure optimization on head

Map pressure and comfort during activities or for product development of wearable VR or AR headsets. Combine the systems with wearable force sensors for hands and feet to optimize your product experience. 

AR-VR headset pressure mapping - pliance |

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have integrated into our daily lives in realistic gaming experiences, virtual tourism, marketing and many applications and are going to be the future of user interaction with internet and daily life. In the future, AR and VR headsets will be important pieces of everybody’s life, so designing a comfortable and ergonomic device will be the key factor for this industry.

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Accurate Pressure Measurement in AR/VR Headsets with pliance System

pliance pressure measurement system, equipped with precise capacitive sensors in various sizes, offers the capability to accurately measure the pressure of AR and VR headsets on the human face or head.

Enhancing User Comfort in AR/VR Market Through Advanced Sensor Technology

As in all physical measuring systems the most important part is the sensor technology. pliance works with capacitive transducers in a matrix configuration. The elasticity of the sensor permits perfect conformability to three-dimensional and soft surfaces. The pressure transducing elements contain high-tech elastomers manufactured by novel. Restoring force, range of force, threshold, hysteresis, temperature effect, frequency response, and other characteristics are determined during the manufacturing process. This makes it possible to adapt the sensor characteristic to different measuring needs. 

Dominate your product by improving the comfort level in the augmented and virtual reality market!

Combine with loadsol and loadglove or pliance glove

Increase data accuracy and depth of analysis by integrating loadsol in-shoe force sensors with our advanced pressure measurement system. This powerful combination not only enables accurate pressure measurements from AR and VR headsets, but also provides invaluable insights into foot force dynamics. By combining these technologies, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the user’s interaction with the virtual environment, paving the way for improved comfort, immersive experience and enhanced product development in the AR/VR market.

Furthermore, the system can be combined with loadglove or pliance glove to in detail track and monitor the users behavior and forces during movement and while interacting with objects. This combination is beeing used worldwide in the development and optimization of state of the art VR and AR experience.

Load measurement for fracture evaluation - loadsol
pliance® glove sensor - force measurement |