Force and pressure measurement for skiing and winter sports

force and pressure measuremnet for skiing and winter sports Photo by Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash

Downhill (alpine) skiing

pedar – pressure measurement:

The pedar system allows quick and easy in-shoe field testing in sports science. Long lead insole designs may be used for measurements inside the ski boot.
The measuring insoles are connected to the pedar device which is attached to a support harness and worn by the individual.

The pedar sensors use capacitive technology – known to provide the best accuracy for pressure distribution measurement on the human body. More details about pedar system and its specifications are available here.

loadsol – force measurement:

loadsol is the ultimate, most precise and easiest way of analyzing weight shift and pressure inside the boot.

You may start measurement in less than 60 seconds from closing the boot to holding the video in hands.

loadsol sensors enable mobile measurement of the normal ground reaction force on the plantar surface of the foot. 

New version of loadsol insoles (loadsol pro) and loadapp enable you to have continuous force measurement using video mode up to 23 hours.

More details about loadsol insole and its specifications are available here.

Cross-country skiing

novel sensors used by sport organizations or research institutes to evaluate preformances or having different measurements outside the lab. You may find various scientific articles on internet about skiing utilizing loadsol or pedar insoles.

As an example the pedar system was used in a study about cross country skiing at CeBiSM (Research Centre for Bioengineering and Motor Sciences at the University of Brescia, Trento, Udine  and Verona) in 2007.
This study was requested by the technical staff of the Italian Federation of Cross Country Skiing and some Italian top athletes. The aim was to evaluate the load during pushing phase in diagonal stride, one of the techniques of the classical style in cross country skiing. The load exerted on the skis determines the grade of bending, and its knowledge is important for the choice of stiffness of the ski and the way of waxing.

Beside pedar insoles there is possibility to use pliance system for pressure measurement of different parts on Ski decks. 

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