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art science

main-button software

System Software

novel software can be divided into system software, used to run the novel hardware, and analysis software, used to scientifically analyse the measured data. All novel software can be embedded into the novel database programs. The databases are able to start the data capture process and also coordinate the data analysis.

main-button emedmain-button pedarmain-button pliancemain-button manugraphy

emed/E (Expert)
emed/R (Recorder)
novel footpat
pedar/S (Standard)
pedar/E (Expert)
pedar/R (Recorder)
pliance/B (Basic)
pliance/S (Standard)
pliance/E (Expert)
pliance/R (Recorder)
pliance-ftx/E (Expert)
pliance-ftx/R (Recorder)

Analysis Software + Database Software

The software packages listed here are options that can be purchased in addition to the system acquisition software and hardware. All of the analysis programs are designed to make data handling and reduction as easy and time efficient as possible. Please click on a program/package for description.

General ApplicationsMedical ApplicationsIndustrial Applications
novel player
novel database light
novel isobar
novel magic mountain
novel tools
novel basics
novel database pro m
novel database diabetes
novel projects
novel neuropool
medical professional
gaitline & geometry
clinical reports
novel database industrial
novel projects-i
industry professional
novel player industrial

Software Updates + Software Upgrades

novel offers a special update and upgrade service for software.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.